Jim Avett & Friends (& Family), CD Release show for ‘Second Chance’, February 3, 2011 at the Evening Muse

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I contacted Jim Avett to ask if I could photograph this show, and he was happy to say yes. I’m not sure permission is needed for a show at the Muse, but I always like to ask. I much prefer shooting artists I’m interested in, and certainly Jim is in in that category.

I was a little late to The Avett Brothers party. I’ve lived in Charlotte for close to 15 years, and didn’t know about them until about 3 years ago and they are one of my favorites now. I soon discovered that their Dad was making music as well, and when I got his CD’s it instantly took me back to the music and sounds of my childhood. My family used to gather around and play country and gospel songs when I was young, and Jim’s voice and playing reminded me so much of those gatherings.

So I couldn’t resist when I heard he was playing the Muse last Friday. The Mrs. was kind enough to give me a pass from my duties of tending to our 2 month old, so I grabbed the camera bag and headed up. Jim brought out a bunch of different players, and as a nice surprise Scott and Seth came out to sit in on a couple of songs. So I’ll start out with my favorite shot of the night, four Avetts on stage about to play and sing together and Seth sharing a greeting with his sister. I presumed they had not seen each other in some time. Great stuff, I must say. (click on the picture below to enlarge).

I’d never seen a crowd that big at the Muse. Jim is a local treasure for a lot of people and he had quite a crowd out to support him and to hear his new songs, which were fantastic by the way. Pick up his new CD, ‘Second Chance’ at his website or on Itunes. To hear Jim talk about life, music and what it takes to be considered a success, go watch this outstanding piece by UNC TV’s ‘Our State’.

Ok, back to photography. Technically speaking, what can I say? The stage lighting at the Evening Muse continues to be difficult to work with if you want a proper White Balance, but what you see is pretty true to what it looked like while there and I thought it worked out fine despite the heavy color saturation. I don’t intend to insult the venue when I say that, it’s the nature of the beast with stage lighting. The Evening Muse remains the best place in Charlotte to see live music in my opinion. In the end I was happy with the setting I came up with.. I think it served the aesthetic well. I would prefer that skin tones not appear so red, but it really turned out to be an accurate depiction.

So it’s a long post, but there were so many I liked, it was hard to narrow down. Perhaps I’ll throw some more up down the road.

“This song sounds like Bob Dylan on Bad Day”

The night started off with just Jim and guitarist Ray Morton

Diane Reed Cox on Cello.

The “Apple of Jim’s Eye”, his daughter Bonnie

Scott said “I’m not used to having someone in between me & Seth”

Jim said “When they were little, I’d have to sit in between them at church so they’d behave”. Or something like that.

Here they’re playing Tom T. Hall’s “That’s How I Got to Memphis”

Another photo similar to the one at the top of the page.

Bonnie claps for her Aunt, who is in the audience.

For four people that have pretty different vocal styles, they sure do sound great when they sing together. They’re singing a fantastic version of gospel classic, “Angel Band”.

David Childers opened the show, and here he and his guitarist Randy Saxon sit in with Jim & Ray.

There are some alternate photos (and perhaps a few repeats) on Facebook.

Gareth Asher & the Earthlings at the Evening Muse, October 13, 2011

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I shot Gareth and his band at this venue previously, and you can check that out here. I noted a number of problems I had in that shoot, but still thought I got some good enough shots to use. This time went much better. Still not perfect but I’m pretty happy that I used the focus better, got the right white balance and got rid of the lens filter flares. The venue varied the lighting a little more in this show, so it makes the variety of shots a little more dynamic. I had more room to move and get different angles for the pictures, and I think that helps tremendously. I went for a slightly granier texture with a higher ISO setting. I think these photos are much better in just about every aspect. Color saturation is what it is, but for some reason I thought it looked more appropriate to the aesthetic in these shots, and did not look as garish.

Where you can find Gareth:




Get it Right Campaign

On a separate note the Evening Muse’s house sound man, Rodney Lanier recently passed away unexpectedly. I didn’t know Rodney personally, but saw him at the Muse at all the different shows I went to there. He and the venue frequently won the ‘Best of’ award for the best sound in Charlotte. He was a big part of my favorite music venue in Charlotte. Rest In Peace Rodney.

Check out more photos from this show at the Gareth Asher Community.

Scott Little Band at Puckett’s Farm Equipment in Charlotte, August 19, 2011

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So Im a little later on this than I planned, but nevertheless, here you go. Preperation for the birth of my first child seemed to eat into my time for hobbies like this blog, but I hope with his arrival in the next week or so, I’ll be able to get back in a routine here, even though I’m sure I’ll be busy. I still have plenty in my catalog to put on the blog so keep an eye out.

Once again, here is my brother’s band at Puckett’s Farm Equipment from August 19, 2011. This is the continuation of my last entry where I got their rehearsal at my house prior to the show. They were rehearsing a new song that they debuted that night and it’s a great song.  The last time I shot them at this venue, I didn’t have a good white balance setting, so didn’t post many color photos. I studied on that a bit and got a much better result this time.

Check out the Scott Little Band at





UPDATE: Check out some additional photos from this show over on Facebook and like The Scott Little Band’s page while you’re there.

Scott Little Band, Rehearsal, August 19th

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Prior to the show at Pucketts Farm Equipment, the boys rehearsed a new song at my house.

Photos from the show a little later in the week.

Mountain Cabin at Christmas, Tallulah Falls, GA

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A rare White Christmas in Georgia.

Duke Energy Center a.k.a the ‘Voltron Building’, Charlotte, NC

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I teased this in my last nightime photography post.  This building is the latest addition to the Charlotte skyline. Originally planned to be the new headquarters for Wachovia Bank, the building was completed by Wells Fargo after it bought Wachovia, and Duke Energy is now the prime tenant. Find out more about it on wikipedia.

At night, this building mostly looks like the first photo you see in this post, but every hour, on the hour there is a light show that takes place for about two minutes. These photos capture that. In this case, it’s a slow transformation to different colors.

It’s difficult to find a view of uptown without powerlines in your field of view. I’ve found this spot that’s free and clear of visual obstructions, but it doesn’t give a complete view of the skyline either. With this limited view, the ideal composition probably wouldn’t have a partial reveal of the Bank of America Building behind it, but I prefer things a little off  kilter and I’m happy with it. What’s funny is that the Bank of America building is actually taller than the Duke Energy Center, but the angle this was taken at makes it appear different.

I tried to hold the shutter open for the same period of time so I could get comparable exposures. As you can see, the first one looks a little different.. a little brighter.  But all in all, I’m very happy with these in all aspects.





Mac’s Speed Shop on South Boulevard, Charlotte

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Mac’s is a great barbecue joint, and if you’re not a Charlottean, maybe they’ll be coming to your city as they build the franchise.

Mac’s converted this old building a few years ago and this became their first location. They kept this retro looking parking shade that makes this location instantly recognizable. I love shooting architecture, particularly when it’s this distinctive and cool looking.

This was another early experiment session to become familiar with the DSLR. When I originally shot this, I didn’t realize the ISO setting wasn’t set properly, and when reviewing on the computer, all the photos were grainy. So I went back and shot it again with the correct setting. These turned out much better. I’d like to shoot this again and get some different angles that the sun doesn’t interfere with, but any other time of day besides early morning and cars will cloud the shot and distract from what I’m shooting.

A rare effects shot for me. Simply turned the camera while the shutter was open briefly.


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